Tokyoesque is a market research agency based in London with unique expertise rooted in the Japanese markets.

With our vibrant cultural insight, we help our clients to expand their business across Europe and Asia.

  • Cultural Investigation
  • Global Immersion & Consultancy
  • Localisation

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Top 10: Most Inspirational Japanese Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day, cultural insight agency Tokyoesque honour some of Japan’s key female business figures and entrepreneurs…

Mar 5 • 4 min read


Top Gender Equality Ad Fails in Japan

To set the scene of gender equality in Japan, the latest OECD data shows that Japan ranks in the bottom three in terms of the gender wage gap...

Mar 4 • 5 min read


What Does Brexit Mean for UK-Japan Business?

What the potential impact will be for UK business with Japan, and how UK companies can leverage insights to mitigate concerns from Japan while adding value to their business?...

Feb 12 • 4 min read