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Tokyoesque is a global insights agency

We connect the European and Japanese markets by enabling businesses to understand their global audiences.
What does your Japanese audience think of you?

About Us


Cultural insight breaks down the barriers of business culture

What is cultural insight?

Tokyoesque provides deep insights that bring greater clarity to businesses working with invisible cultural barriers in the Japanese market.

We 'translate' business culture between Japan and overseas markets


Lead your business to success with these three services

We offer three services based on cultural insight; cultural investigation, global immersion, and localisation.


Support example: The Japanese Fintech Ecosystem (commissioned by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation)

Our report will be available soon

  • Conducted research into government policies, industry regulations, funding, sub-sectors, international collaboration and challenges that Fintech startups face in Japan.
  • Interviewed academics, financial experts, and Fintech entrepreneurs utilising our vast professional network.
  • Proposed business opportunities to stakeholders around the world who are interested in Japan's Fintech scene.


We have completed projects for clients across multiple sectors, ranging from large corporations to smaller startups.



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