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Japan Market Research & Expansion

We conduct consumer interviews and surveys for companies who look to expand their business in Japan. We provide quality and useful data as well as insights and also cover the whole process of both qualitative and quantitative research - from recruitment, questionnaire development, interviewing to reporting. We also provide cultural insights and information on the latest trends to help you expand your business in Japan.

We offer services such as finding local distributors, partners and experts, planning of overseas launch events, organising workshops and seminars, consulting on setting up overseas business and overseas trends, as well as overseas inspection tours for companies who are looking to expand their business into Japan. We also provide answers to all questions and consultations regarding overseas expansion. Tokyoesque will provide you with the right advice and solutions to meet your challenges.

We translate your LPs, websites, web contents, contracts, product descriptions and any other text written in English so that they can be understood accurately in the Japanese market. We don't just translate - our bilingual staff who have a good understanding of both European and Japanese communication, take into account the local cultural context and consumer psychology. We also offer localisation consultancy services, such as semiotic analysis and reporting of the local competitors' products.

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Why Tokyoesque?

We’re a team of bicultural / bilingual researchers dedicated to creating success in the Japanese market for our European clients who want to enter the market, whether that involves Japanese market research, strategic market entry support or localisation in Japanese. With years of experience and high client satisfaction, we are proud to provide thorough support in your Japan market entry. 

Tokyoesque doesn’t choose a specific industry. We are capable of serving a variety of industries to succeed in Japan. Some of the industries we have the strong knowledge in include but not limited to; online gaming, food & drink, media & entertainment, smart cities & innovation, beauty,grooming & skincare, software & ecommerce, and major events industry

Doing business in Japan requires a strong understanding of cultural differences and a commitment to growing business relationships. Despite its uniqueness, we have been doing this long enough that we are able to identify where our clients are in their Japan market entry journey.

We know what they need to do to maximize their opportunities, whether that is Japanese consumer research, Japanese business introductions, Japanese localisation / translation. No matter what we do, we always advocate awareness and curiosity for the Japanese market, because we believe that the most important thing is to understand the local customers’ demands and finding the market fit.

This is why conducting well thought-out highly insightful market research and creating the messages that can speak directly to the local consumers’ demands are important – which is what Tokyoesque is proud to provide.

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