Impactful Japan Market Research & Expansion

Impactful Japan Market Research & Expansion

We’ll prove your market expansion strategy. Culturally-influenced market reports, interviews and focus groups, ethnographic consumer studies, online surveys and panels as well as participant recruitment.

We set up introductions to partners and customers, acting as lead generation for your business. In addition we provide interpretation services, business culture training, accompaniment and immersion tours.

Truly localizing – not just translating – your message will make your business more successful in market entry. When translating, we provide consultancy and research to ensure the message suits your audience.

Natalie Meyer Tokyoesque

Founder Natalie Meyer launched Tokyoesque in 2014 with the goal to connect Japan and the rest of the world through culturally aware market research. From Silicon Valley, yet with experience spanning London, Tokyo, Washington DC and Amsterdam, in a sense it was Natalie’s cultural neutrality that got Tokyoesque off the ground.

We have become a trusted bridge between Japan and the UK, expanding out into other areas in Europe and Asia whilst forging ahead on industry-wide projects ranging from topics such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, cosmetic brand semiotic deep dives, online gaming and Japan’s fintech ecosystem.

Our founder’s mission has grown into a passion for the global awareness & curiosity of all cultures with her latest venture, Esque Global.

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