Japan B2B Introductions: Food Distribution Sector

Enabling Japan B2B introductions for a British client

We organised B2B introductions in Asia by scheduling key meetings for our client’s first business trip into Japan. As a result, significant interest was generated. We assisted them in navigating the complexities of Japanese business culture.

  • 12 meetings arranged
  • 5day trip to the market
  • 1 month lead time
Japan B2B introductions

Expanding from Britain to Hong Kong to Japan

The British Game Alliance (BGA) approached us for assistance connecting to potential clients in Japan. The foremost supplier of British game meat, their goal was to expand to Japan. They wanted to do this via luxury restaurants, hotels and resort chains as well as distribution channels.

They had recently concluded a successful foray into the Hong Kong market. After gaining positive feedback, they were keen to continue in Asia by focusing on the Japanese market as a next step. With recent success in Hong Kong, expectations were high for other markets too.

B2B Lead Generation in Japan

First, we conducted desk research to find suitable contacts for BGA, engaging with those selected in order to secure meetings.

There was a limited time period to organise meetings. The planned trip itself was also short, which meant we needed to prioritise only those who showed a genuine interest. In order to present a wide range of options, we produced a comprehensive list of resorts, distributors and restaurants to approach. This included particularly notable names in Japan’s luxury hospitality segment. Throughout, we demonstrated our knowledge of how the hospitality industry works in Japan. We also offered advice with regards to building interpersonal relationships with trusted suppliers.

Finally, we managed all communication with the prospects.

Very good communications, professional, diligent and good contacts… A successful trip to Japan.

British Game Alliance

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