Japanese Localisation & Translation for Market Expansion

Japanese Localisation & Translation for Market Expansion

Maximising your sales messaging with Japanese localisation services in global markets is our specialty.

When we provide Japanese localisation and translation, our native-level team incorporate the following steps:

Japanese Localisation & Translation

What do you require Japanese translation for? Why? Who is the target? We also make time to understand sector jargon and context.

A trained native speaker will complete the translation so that it resonates with your target audience.

Peer Review. 
Every piece of Japanese translation is peer-reviewed by at least one other native speaker.

Business Culture Training. 
Once the materials are completed, Tokyoesque will provide training to ensure you use them effectively. Whether in a business meeting or on your website, we will address any business culture concerns.

Take a look here for a great case study on what can happen when you localise inffectively — even when it’s from English to English!

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