Surveys & Interviews for the Entertainment / Hospitality Sector

Understanding Korean and Chinese tourists in Japan

We provided Asian consumer market research for a major entertainment / hospitality brand with:

  • Access to a huge panel of South Korean, Chinese and Japanese participants which offered robust, trustworthy results.
  • On-site, face-to-face interviews with locals.
  • Deep dive reporting – a total of four detailed analysis reports with data split by demographic.
  • Need-to-know recommendations based on a combination of insights from the data and our team’s own cultural and practical knowledge of the Asian markets.
  • Support on a project in a new industry seeking to attract tourism, worth $4.5bil in development.
Asian consumer market research

Asian consumer market research for a large-scale entertainment facility

Our client needed Asian consumer market research and insight. With the advent of Integrated Resorts in Japan, our client, a large-scale casino and hospitality brand, sought to win a bid to develop a $4.5bil project in Wakayama. The main targets for the development were domestic tourists (Japanese) and Korean and South Korean tourists. In order to win the bid, they required deep-seat cultural insight around not only the idea of casinos / gaming but also hospitality, entertainments expectations and food and beverage requirements amongst visitors.

Our Solution

  • Spearheaded a large-scale quantitative study examining the habits, perceptions and experiences of Japanese, Chinese and Korean consumers.
  • Undertook face-to-face in-depth interviews in Japan with local citizens in the proposed resort cities.
  • Provide Chinese, Korean and Japanese language ability and access to the local markets, research capability and cultural knowledge.


Face-to-face interviews in Japan, online quantitative studies.