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Japan Market Research & Expansion

Tokyoesque will prove your market expansion strategy. Culturally-influenced market reports, interviews and focus groups, ethnographic consumer studies, online surveys and panels as well as participant recruitment. Read more here.

We set up introductions to partners and customers, acting as lead generation for your business. In addition we provide interpretation services, business culture training, accompaniment and immersion tours. Read more here.

Truly localising – not just translating – your message will make your business more successful in market entry. When translating, Tokyoesque provides consultancy and research to ensure the message suits your audience. Read more here.

<h2>Curious about the Japan market?</h2>

Curious about the Japan market?

We guide you to a deeper understanding of your Japanese customer through a mix including social media listening, interviews and cultural analysis. Learn what kind of customers to target and how to shape your message towards them as you expand globally.

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Japan Market Research Insights

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Tokyoesque's Japan Market Research Philosophy

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<h3><b><font color="baa06b">Tokyoesque's Japan Market Research Philosophy</font></b></h3>