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Japan market research and market expansion strategy

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Japan Market Research & Expansion

Tokyoesque will prove your market expansion strategy. Culturally-influenced market reports, interviews and focus groups, ethnographic consumer studies, online surveys and panels as well as participant recruitment. Read more here.

We set up introductions to partners and customers, acting as lead generation for your business. In addition we provide interpretation services, business culture training, accompaniment and immersion tours. Read more here.

Truly localising – not just translating – your message will make your business more successful in market entry. When translating, Tokyoesque provides consultancy and research to ensure the message suits your audience. Read more here.

<h2>Curious about the Japan market?</h2>

Curious about the Japan market?

We guide you to a deeper understanding of your Japanese customer through a mix including social media listening, interviews and cultural analysis. Learn what kind of customers to target and how to shape your message towards them as you expand globally.

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Japan Market Research Insights

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Tokyoesque's Japan Market Research Philosophy

We’re a team of bicultural / bilingual researchers dedicated to analysing Japan market trends and translating Japan business norms for our clients, whether that involves Japanese consumer research, localisation in Japanese, market overviews or strategic market entry support.

Our clients are expanding into and out of the Japan market. They hail from industries ranging from online gaming in Japan, food & drink, media & entertainment, as well as technology and smart cities – among many more.

Most Japan market research companies are in Tokyo – instead, we are based in London and Amsterdam, and have the ability to participate in the thriving Japan business ecosystem that exists in Europe. 

Conducting Japanese market research here gives us the unique advantage of being able to see both sides: both what our European clients require (typically, a means to maximise their sales in Japan), and what our Japanese clients want to discover (for example, we conduct a whole lot of Japanese business tours in smart cities around Europe).

We would prefer to call it ‘unique’! Doing business in Japan requires a strong understanding of cultural differences and a commitment to growing business relationships.

Despite its uniqueness, we have been doing this long enough that we are able to identify where our clients are in their Japan market entry journey.

We know what they need to do to maximise their opportunities, whether that is Japanese localisation / translation, Japanese business introductions, Japan market overviews / Japanese consumer research, or brand activation. And if we don’t do it, we can almost certainly point you in the right direction with our wide network of partners not only in the Japanese market but across Asia.

No matter what we do, we always advocate awareness and curiosity for the Japanese market, its consumers and culture. This is where true localisation (and market success) can be found.

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