Uncovering Tech Purchase Behaviour in Japan

Supporting a major global tech brand to understand tech purchase behaviour in Japan

We worked alongside Crowd DNA to provide market research recruitment, consisting of:

  • Recruitment of 36 fully screened Japanese laptop users to complete online journals and participate in depth interviews
  • Localisation and translation of screener and all respondent task material
  • Daily timely liaison between respondents and Crowd DNA
Tech purchase behaviour in Japan

What was the brief?

We were approached to take part in this project by insights agency Crowd DNA, who hold an account with a leading global tech brand.

As one strand of a broader study in other global markets, the brief was to assist with the screening and recruitment of 36 Japanese participants for a 3-stage research project delving into laptop and tech purchase behaviour.

Crowd DNA wanted to understand how users in Japan used technology in their homes, and what the online purchase journey looked like.

How we approached things

The research for this project was divided into the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Online research tracking and listing of top 5 desired laptop purchases, using RealityMine (12 participants)
  • Stage 2: Digital journals conducted via Indeemo, digging deeper into purchase behaviour over a one-week period (36 participants)
  • Stage 3: One-hour online depth interviews via Zoom (22 participants)


We promoted the research across our extensive network of Japanese contacts, screened each candidate according to specific behavioural criteria, and kept Crowd DNA informed at each stage.

Since the research was split into 3 stages, we needed to constantly be aware of how respondents were answering so as to recommend those most appropriate to take part in particular stages.

What we delivered

We successfully delivered the full sample as requested, and made sure to find appropriate replacements for any who dropped out unexpectedly.

Throughout the duration of the project, we were continuously on hand to answer questions, follow up with participants, translate the screener and task information, and keep the client updated on any changes in candidate availability or suitability.

Client Testimonial

“The project was very challenging from the get go. Tokyoesque went above and beyond to ensure recruitment was on track and we got the complete sample. They were very communicative and always open to finding solutions.”

Caitlin Taylor, Project Producer at Crowd DNA

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