Europe B2B Introductions for a Japanese E-commerce Player

Enabling Europe B2B introductions for a Japanese client operating in the e-commerce sector

We reached out to potential clients and facilitated a series of meetings in Europe on behalf of a Japanese developer of an automated e-commerce photo editing platform.

  • 6 meetings arranged
  • 5day trip to the market
  • 1 client gained
Europe B2B Introductions

Expanding into Europe

glams, a Japanese developer of automated image processing solution zenfotomatic, were looking to grow their presence internationally by scoping out potential clients in Europe. glams approached Tokyoesque to facilitate and manage Europe B2B introductions to companies with an e-commerce arm, with the aim of securing meetings during their short business trip to the UK.

When they got in touch with us, glams had already acquired a number of high profile clients in Japan for zenfotomatic, but wanted to more deeply understand the level of demand from the European market.

Europe B2B Introductions

First, we conducted desk research to find suitable clients for glams, engaging with those selected in order to secure meetings. We made sure to list them all by priority and likelihood to be interested.

As in the often the case with many business trips from Japan, the specified timeline was tight, so we needed to arrange meetings within a set number of days. We made sure to keep track of all confirmed meetings and communicate all updates to our contact at glams. A member of the Tokyoesque team also accompanied glams to meetings to offer further support.

One of the highlights was securing a meeting with major UK online supermarket Ocado, who demonstrated a strong interest in zenfotomatic. They went on to become a client.

We provided deliverables in the form of:

  • Reports in Japanese summarising our research
  • Market analysis and strategy recommendations for expansion into Europe.
  • Detailed list of potential customers and major industry players.
  • Facilitation of meetings with companies of varying size (including large corporations).
  • Insights from interviews with representatives from carefully selected companies.


We employed a combination of desk research and prospecting sessions with potential clients to achieve the desired outcome.

Tokyoesque supported us to achieve outcomes in the UK that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve alone. If you clearly explain your business to Tokyoesque…you will greatly appreciate their marketing, research skills and flexibility.

Daisuke Miura, CEO, zenfotomatic

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