London Innovation Tour: Co-Working Spaces

With remote work and flexible working a hot topic in Japan, ones of the leaders in work-life innovation asked us to lead an immersion tour in London. First, we secured a packed itinerary of visits over a one-week period. Then, we provided high-quality interpretation and accompaniment for the large Japanese delegation. Finally, during the tour they were able to ask questions, with immediate access to information they would not have otherwise been able to grasp.

It was a truly hands-on, direct approach to learning and the delegates gave positive feedback.

Innovation Tour

Understanding London co-working spaces & innovative spaces

Kokuyo, a leading stationery and office supply in Japan, required an in-market tour to enable them to visit London’s co-working spaces. The objective was to gain a deeper understanding about the business culture within UK co-working spaces. One of the main challenges was accommodating delegation consisting of 20 people from 13 companies in Japan.

Finally, interpretation of language and culture was integral to the tour’s success as none of the delegates spoke fluent English.

Decoding the UK business environment on an immersion tour

Most importantly, we communicated effectively with the client, understanding their business needs from a Japanese perspective. We then coordinated the logistics of the entire trip according to their priorities.

We also researched appropriate spaces for the tour and arranged each appointment, for a large-scale visit of over twenty participants.

In addition, one interpreter was in attendance as well as a member of our team to ensure information was conveyed as smoothly as possible.

We particularly appreciated the project coordinator’s attention to detail and positive approach. You answered our needs perfectly. Thank you.


To wrap up, take a look at our client’s analysis of the latest work-life trends here.