Japan Localisation and Translation for Digital Signing Service

Providing Japan localisation and translation for SignRequest, a world-leading digital signing service

Our localisation & translation work with SignRequest helped them achieve:

  • 50% more clicks on Yahoo! Japan campaign
  • Click-through-rate for Yahoo! Japan campaign more than doubled
  • 70% more clicks on Google AdWords campaign
Japan Localization and Translation for Digital Signing

The Initial Challenge: Capturing the right Audience

SignRequest had previously run Yahoo! Japan and Google AdWords campaigns in Japanese to increase traffic to their localized website.

They approached us looking for a way to improve their ROI for the Japanese market.

How we helped SignRequest drive awareness and engagement

We adjusted the wording of the ad copy in each case, and localized all website content to be more meaningful and relevant to a Japanese audience. This would be crucial to attract new potential users.

It was clear that the existing content wasn’t attracting as much traffic as SignRequest wanted, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly why this was.

So Tokyoesque went through the website content and ad campaigns, gave recommendations on aspects to alter, and provided fully localized texts to drive engagement.

As a result, SignRequest saw:

  • 50% more clicks onto the Japanese website from Yahoo! Japan
  • The click-through-rate for the Yahoo! Japan campaign more than doubled from 0.6% to 1.8%
  • 70% more clicks on the Google AdWords campaign


In addition to providing a full localisation of SignRequest’s website content, we delivered several options for alternative campaign headlines and descriptions that were in line with what Japanese audiences would expect.

A native Japanese member of the team liaised with SignRequest throughout the process to deliver accurate messaging that would boost overall interest in the digital signing solution.

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