Food & Drink Sector in Japan

European Food and Drinks in Japan

Food & Drink Sector in Japan

European Food and Drinks in Japan

Discerning Japanese consumers seek food & drink with quality and novelty. Tokyoesque has worked in the Japanese food & drink market to provide consumer insight, market overviews and market entry support on numerous projects related to these industries.

With a predicted revenue of $19.5bil by 2020, the Japanese food & drink market is sizable. Yet Japanese consumers have their own tastes, attitudes and expectations when it comes to food and drink – especially when foreign food and drink options come on to the scene. Whilst some brands are able to build cachet because of their origins (for example, McDonald’s or Twinings tea), others do not do this adequately, such as the American fast food chain Wendy’s. Other brands do not even feel Western anymore, having succeeded in homogenising within the Japan market, such as Kit-Kat.

Thus it’s important to find the balance of what to highlight in your product that is not Japanese. Also, what should emphasise that may feel more familiar with the Japanese consumer? Consider quality packaging, interesting new taste combinations and limited edition varieties. Let alone, understanding characters of the local audience and defining your target demographic is crucial for your success. All of these are factors to consider when entering Japan.

Curious about the Japan market?

The Japanese food & drink market is set to rise to over $19.5bil in 2020.

Take a look at our latest projects and research in this industry below.

Projects we’ve worked on in the Japanese Food & Drink market

EU Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation

Market Expansion for the Japanese Food & Drink market

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