Gaming Sector in Japan

Japanese Gaming Sector

Gaming Sector in Japan

Japanese Gaming Sector

The scale of the gaming sector in Japan, varying from arcade, to online casino, to e-sports and more is not to be underestimated. With multiple projects under our belts in this industry, Tokyoesque has seen the opportunity that exists, especially for businesses that are able to take into the account the needs and tastes of Japanese consumers as they expand into the Japanese gaming sector.

The Japanese gaming industries can be split into a variety of sectors. The domestic pachinko parlour industry, worth a massive $190bil, dwarfs casino industries in large markets like the UK and Germany. That said, the Japanese online casino sector has only recently begun to gain momentum, with operators such as Vera&John considered one of the star players – yet many more are now appearing on the scene, in addition to affiliate sites. Add to this the advent of the Integrated Resort in Japan, having been planned since the ’90s but finally enacted into law in recent years, and we foresee that the development of the land casino will create intense change in the industry.

Then there are many other gaming-related sectors, such as live-streaming platform Twitch, which launched in Japan for the first time in 2019. The e-sports sector alone is set to rise to $1.4bil by the end of 2020. Japanese consumers, with the likes of Nintendo and Sega, have specific needs in regards to gaming that, once adhered to, can trigger long-term customer loyalty. The tricky part is identifying your target demographic and shaping your message and content so that it takes Japanese player needs into account.

Curious about the Japan market?

The Japanese e-sports market alone is set to rise to over $1.4bil in 2020 – never mind the scale of industries such as pachinko, online casino and free-play games.

Take a look at our latest projects and research in this industry below.

Projects we’ve worked on in the Japanese gaming sector

Gaming Innovation Group (GIG)
Casino Secret
Kafe Rocks

Market Expansion for the Japanese gaming sector

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