Weekly Box Office and Cinema Trend Tracking

Ongoing trend tracking for a major research provider, looking specifically at new and upcoming movie releases across Asian markets

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Each week we provide:

  • Movie release analysis that feeds into direct audience research conducted by NRG
  • Up-to-date information on localised titles, release date changes, and non-releases

What was the brief?

As a result of our initial work digging into box office and audience data relating to the Chinese market, Tokyoesque was also asked to provide weekly analysis of the Japanese and Chinese box office.

How we approach things


  • Tracking all new films, split by release windows, using our cultural insight and market knowledge to assess which ones will be most popular with Japanese audiences
  • Providing box office ranking and latest news relevant to film premieres and promotional events


  • Tracking all new films, split by release windows, using our knowledge of popular genres in China to select the most appropriate. Releases are often confirmed within short notice periods, so it’s vital to stay abreast of the situation
  • Tracking sentiment around new film releases among local Chinese audiences


We use a combination of desk research and social media listening to gather the required information.


  • NRG is able to use these insights to inform how their clients in the US film industry choose to distribute films in Japan and China
  • From the research provided, they gain valuable knowledge on what’s happening in each market and how audiences are responding to new releases

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