Quantitative research with Australian contact lens wearers

Helping a Japanese seller of contact lenses reach an Australian audience.

Contact Lens Wearers

During this project, we:

  • Gave the client a solid starting point for understanding the market
  • Provided a report that convinced the Board of Directors on next steps
Contact lens wearers

What was the brief?

A leading Japanese contact lenses website was looking to break into the Australian contact lens wearers market and needed to understand the contact lens purchasing habits of local consumers in order to formulate a strategy.

How we approached things

We developed a questionnaire in conjunction with the client, then set up and managed an online survey with Australian users of contact lenses. In the survey, we asked them about their current usage, where they usually purchase their contacts, how much they spend and other key factors. 

The findings were then backed up with specific cultural insights on the contact lens market in Australia, and any caveats necessary for the client to know about, such as benefit entitlements and welfare schemes available to users.


We conducted an online survey of 500 Australian nationals living in Australia and purchasing contact lenses on a regular basis, aged between 18-64.

We then provided a top line report in Japanese with our recommendations for the brand.


  • The client obtained a solid starting point for understanding the Australian contact lens market
  • The report, with its solid statistics, acted as a springboard to convince company Directors of next steps to take.

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