Consumer Interviews & Social Media Analysis: Craft beer culture in Japan

How we investigated Japanese craft beer habits

Using consumer interviews and social media analysis, we gave our client access to a bigger picture of the Japanese craft beer market. Our recommendations were based on interviews conducted and social media listening / trend research.

  • 5 in-depth interviews, subtitled in English, with summaries
  • 30 cases of social media listening, dissecting Japanese user drinking habits and attitudes
  • 1 in-depth report with insights analysed by theme
Japanese Consumer Market Research

A unique beverages market

A major drinks company, having recently acquired a beer brand for the Japanese market, sought to understand attitudes towards craft beer among locals drinking it in Japan.

How we conducted Japanese consumer interviews

  • Developed and spearheaded a questionnaire answering our client’s questions on drinking habits
  • Recruited avid fans of Craft or Premium beer for consumer interviews.
  • Conducted Japanese consumer interviews on their expectations and attitudes with craft beer.
  • Thoroughly analysed Japanese social media trends relating to craft beer.


Video interviews, social media listening