Expansion of an International Payments Service in Japan

Providing strategic consultancy on how to grow the business in Japan amongst the ‘migrant worker communities’ in Japan.

We delivered:

  • Clear results from an online quantitative study
  • Insights from several 1-to-1 qualitative interviews
  • A detailed report supported by cultural considerations
International payments service in Japan

What was the brief?

An international payments company reached out to Tokyoesque to seek strategic guidance on expanding their business amongst the ‘migrant worker’ population in Japan.

How we approached things

Tokyoesque’s experts led the three-month long project that provided strategic recommendations for the brand on building brand awareness and connecting with their audience in the right ways at the right time.

  • Step 1: Market landscape overview, including the size of the market, analysis of migrant workers, competitor analysis, and how the international payments market works in Japan.
  • Step 2: Qualitative interviews with migrant workers in Japan for six nationalities, analysing their remittance behaviours and drivers for choosing a payments brand.
  • Step 3: Strategic recommendations with tactical ideas for Marketing, promotions and product (including UX, UI of the brand’s app and website).


We used a combination of desk research, quantitative, and qualitative methods to obtain the necessary information.


The strategic recommendations provided by Tokyoesque played a key role in securing budget, and planning marketing activities for the Japanese market.

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