Reflecting the cultural history and differences in Japan’s gaming and live-streaming sectors

Providing cultural analysis on behalf of semiotics agency Sign Salad on Japan’s game and live-stream sectors for a leading global gaming and streaming platform service.

We provided:

  • A cultural review and sense check of the client’s draft analysis, identifying what statements corresponds with Japanese culture
  • An explanation of certain terminologies, customs or actions in Japanese culture, to make sure our client understands the minute nuances
Japanese pro gamer

What was the brief?

Brands sometimes perceive the advertising of gaming and streaming platforms as risky, and only relevant to gamers. Sign Salad was commissioned by a leading global gaming and live-streaming platform to challenge this view, to showcase the platform as a being a strong, leading partner for advertisers.

As part of a multi-disciplinary approach, Sign Salad explored the current cultural influences and drivers of this sector, and Tokyoesque was asked to provide insights on the Japanese market.

How we approached things

  • Underlining how Japan’s gaming culture intersects with its rich anime culture
  • Exemplifying how games are now seen to have certain health benefits in Japan, such as encouraging elderly patients
  • Underscoring the popularity of game live streams with the younger generation
  • Always bringing discussions back to one, simple question – what would a Japanese person think or feel?


We employed a combination of existing cultural knowledge and additional desk research.


Tokyoesque added value to this project through:

  • Hands-on experience: Our bilingual, multi-cultural team was well placed to perceive even the subtlest of cultural differences between the UK and Japan.
  • Ad-hoc support: Our team was always available to further provide clarification when necessary.

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