Tokyoesque provides global insights enabling local communications across Japan and Europe. Our mission is to connect people, businesses and cultures to boost globalisation.


'More insight, please!' That's what launched Tokyoesque in 2014 - based in London, founder Natalie Meyer found herself being approached by both Japanese and UK contacts requiring that local access to global, innovative knowledge. Born in Silicon Valley, but educated in Washington DC, Tokyo and London, in a sense it was Natalie's cultural neutrality that got Tokyoesque off the ground.

Tokyoesque has become a trusted bridge between the two markets, expanding out into other areas in Europe and Asia whilst forging ahead on industry-wide projects ranging from topics such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, cosmetic brand semiotics deep dives and the state of Japan's fintech ecosystem.

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Natalie Meyer

Founder & CEO

Speaks: English, Japanese, Russian
Born in San Francisco. Lived in Washington DC, Tokyo, London.

Natalie Meyer founded Tokyoesque with a mission to promote mutual understanding and connections across markets. Originally from Silicon Valley, and having obtained her MSc in Global Media & Communications at The London School of Economics, Natalie now works on a range of market entry and research projects throughout Europe and Asia, often dipping in and out of the startup scene, corporate Japanese world and Major Events industry.



Yanis Benzahouane

Head of Operations

Speaks: French, English
Born in Lyon. Lived in London, Montreal.

Akira Kurosawa

Business Development Consultant

Speaks: Japanese, English
Born in Chiba. Lived in Tokyo, L.A., London.

Laurene Oudart

Insight Project Coordinator

Speaks: French, English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese
Born in Paris. Lived in Tokyo, London.

Ryoko Ward

Insight Project Coordinator

Speaks: English, Japanese, Bengali
Born in Yokohama. Lived in Brussels, North Carolina, Kobe, Bangladesh, London.

Melissa Francis

Senior Research Executive

Speaks: English, Japanese, Spanish
Born in Colchester. Lived in Cambridge, Tokyo.

Naoko Nomoto

Insight Project Coordinator

Speaks: Japanese, English
Born in Tokyo. Lived in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Edinburgh, London.

Shunichi Takagi

Research Executive

Speaks: Japanese, English, French, German
Born in Ehime. Lived in Kyoto, London.