Grow your business in Japan with our teams of Japanese market specialists.

per month, annual plan
Curious? A go-to-market essentials
Ideal for businesses just getting started in Japan or those needing only minimal support in the market.
Includes basic landing page localisation into Japanese
Supports a single brand
15 hours per month, including 5 hours rush work
A team with 1 Japan specialist or
1 dedicated Japan country manager who will be your main point of contact
Consultation and onboarding included
Book a go-to-market consultation
Market Expansion
per month, annual plan
Aware? Add more firepower to your expansion arsenal
Suits businesses starting to get serious about their expansion, whether or not they have launched.
Includes localisation of your landing page into Japanese
Supports up to 5 brands
50 hours per month, including 10 hours rush work
A team with 1-2 Japan specialists / researchers
1 dedicated Japan country manager who will be your main point of contact
Consultation and onboarding included
Book a go-to-market consultation
Full Rollout
per month, annual plan
Going global? Keep up the momentum with our Japan specialists
For those needing more hours and those seeking to re-envision their brand with some Japan-focussed design work.
Includes basic website localisation into Japanese
Supports multiple brands
100 hours per month, including 20 hours rush work
A team with 2-3 Japan specialists, plus access to designers & video producers
1 dedicated Japan country manager who will be your main point of contact
Consultation and onboarding included
Book a go-to-market consultation

Our country managers will be your go-to Japan market resource, covering whatever you need done in Japan, including:

✔️ Connections to partners, e.g. distributors or buyers

✔️ Sales prospecting and business matching

✔️ Content creation in Japanese

✔️ Research on your target audience / industry

✔️ User testing

✔️ Social media management and influencer strategy

✔️ SEO optimisation

✔️ Interpretation and ad hoc translation work

✔️ Video production in Japanese

✔️ Website localisation into Japanese

✔️ Design work localised to Japan

✔️ Regulatory support… and whatever else you need that month

Yes, we also offer the option to create a customised plan that suits you. Contact us now to set up a consultation.

Alternatively, if your needs will not be ongoing, you can get in touch with us to discuss a quote for a one-off Japan market project, whether that is for a one-off localisation project, to assist you in business tour of the market or whatever else you currently need.

If you expect that Japan will be part of your ongoing business growth plans, we will work with you to create a roadmap of how best to grow your business in Japan over the next year.

In our experience, being aware of your business growth plan is key to a successful expansion into the Japan market, and the way to do that is to plan ahead!

We therefore bill on a monthly basis and ask for an annual commitment. This enables us to ensure that we have all of the resources lined up to serve you on on an ongoing basis and helps keep your rates down. It also means we have enough time to build momentum and really begin to reap the rewards.

For those seeking less of a commitment, pricing increases by 25% and can be done on a six-monthly basis. Alternatively, we undertake one-off projects for clients all the time – just get in touch to discuss.

We will always add more specialists if you require them and can scale plans up at no additional fee. If you prefer to remain on your current plan, extra hours will be billed at a rate of 125 GBP / hour.

Tokyoesque has been working to expand companies into and out of Japan since 2013. In that time, we’ve built our networks wide so that we have access to the top 1% Japan market consultants across many industries – this is how we are able to bring our costs down enough to provide you consistent, Japan-related expertise. If it’s related to the Japan market, we know who will enable your success.

Are you an SME seeking to dip your toe in but want to see what Japan can offer before committing? In our time at Tokyoesque we’ve seen many growing businesses with the desire and ability to scale into the Japan market.

We also offer a commission pricing model where we will provide the same plans at a discount, and in lieu will take a commission of your first sales in Japan. Contact us to discuss more.