Cultural Investigation

We enable our clients to understand Japanese audiences in order to make an impact in the marketplace.

ex. Report on the Japanese Fintech Ecosystem

  • We conducted desk research and held interviews with selected experts to provide the client with first-hand insights and essential knowledge about the Japanese Fintech sector.
  • Through this, we specifically highlighted the opportunities for Europe-based Fintech SMEs and professionals, offering practical guidance as to how they could get involved.

Global Immersion & Consultancy

Our team are familiar with Japanese culture and trends. We offer consultancy services that help guide your business towards success in the market.

ex. consultancy on Japanese business norms

  • We prepared and delivered a presentation to illustrate key differences between business culture in the UK and Japan.
  • This was followed by an interactive Q&A session in which the participants could clarify any of the points made.


Various global business services enabling companies to localise their message from one market to another.

ex. Ongoing localisation service

  • Our native Japanese speakers translate marketing materials and presentations as well as legal and financial information on behalf of clients.
  • We ensure that messages are communicated smoothly and accurately, keeping in mind any specific nuances that will lead to improved cultural understanding.