Starting with our Market Readiness Framework, Tokyoesque enables businesses to understand Japanese audiences in order to make an impact in the marketplace.

For those requiring further research, our services include:

Market Reports

Customised reporting on the Japanese market, including latest news, innovations and opportunities in the desired sector

Interviews & Focus Groups

We dig into the mindsets of the target audience, both B2B / B2C, and prepare carefully crafted analysis in both English and Japanese

Ethnographic Market Research

We recruit and interact with participants in their real-life environment, eliciting insights that matter

Online Surveys & Panels

Including questionnaire creation, recruitment and post-study analysis

Participant Recruitment

Our wide network enables us to recruit quality participants for sentiment analysis and consumer profiling


ex. Report on the Japanese Fintech Ecosystem

  • We conducted desk research and held interviews with selected experts to provide the client with first-hand insights and essential knowledge about the Japanese Fintech sector.
  • Through this, we specifically highlighted the opportunities for Europe-based Fintech SMEs and professionals, offering practical guidance as to how they could get involved.


A cookware brand with strong brand awareness in Japan looks to Tokyoesque to clarify its advertising strategy in the market.

The Challenge

An agency aims to ensure that a French brand’s advertising campaigns are perceived positively in the Japan market. They regularly turn to Tokyoesque to analyse and provide insight into the brand’s proposed TV ads.

Our Solution

Society : Tradition remains strongly entrenched in relation to food in Japan. Tokyoesque identified subsets of Japanese society where scenarios such as men in the kitchen and non-Japanese food were a positive addition, enabling Tefal to highlight their innovative and modern offerings
Language : Certain commonplace terminology in Western households (babysitter, roommate, etc.) can have negative associations if not used carefully
Foreignness : French foods and Western-style cooking can alienate Japanese viewers if not considered carefully. We demonstrated that striking a balance of exotic / cool whilst being relatable would be key
Consumer : We always grounded the discussion back down to, How would a Japanese consumer use these products?

Methodology + Output

Tokyoesque provided clear-cut recommendations using:

Hands-on experience: Our bi-lingual, bi-cultural team is well placed to perceive subtle differences in culture from a French to a Japanese perspective.
Case studies: We demonstrated how similar products (both domestic and international) have been advertised in Japanese media.
Ad-hoc support: Our team is always available to further provide clarification.