Conducted with an understanding of culturally informed research methodologies, our research utilises our wide networks in both Asia and Europe.

Interviews & Focus Groups
We dig into the mindsets of the target audience, both B2B / B2C, and prepare carefully crafted analysis in both English and Japanese
Market Research
We recruit and interact with participants in their real-life environment, eliciting insights that matter
Online Surveys & Panels
Including questionnaire creation, vendor management / programming and post-study analysis
Participant Recruitment
Our wide network enables us to recruit quality participants for research


Tokyoesque probes into Chinese filmgoer awareness, attitudes and viewership of recent cinema releases.

The Challenge

Tokyoesque provided monthly analysis into the Chinese cinema-going audience, leading all steps of an online market study from questionnaire design to post-study analysis ultimately used by the major film studios to orientate their marketing strategy.

Our Solution

Society : Regulations such as the foreign film quota limit, box office fraud and staggeringly low ticket prices remain key points to consider in China
Language : All aspects of the study must be translated into Chinese for fielding, as well considering implications of wording that can exhibit a Hollywood bias
Foreignness : We must be careful to understand the domestic film market as well as the presence of Hollywood within that market
Consumer: The ultimate goal is to continually reassess and understand the end consumer in China, with vastly different behaviour / attitudes compared to the West

Methodology + Output

Tokyoesque produced a 45-page monthly report for marketing and distribution executives, utilising and including the following:

Questionnaire development
Monitoring of Chinese / Hollywood film releases : Weekly management of tracking and fieldwork
Overview of the monthly box office : Such as trends in the market, top-performing films and new box office records
Insight into viewing habits/preferences by demographic : We analysed the data to identify key groups by age, gender and region