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7 steps to discover what your Japanese customers think of you

Key recommendations for how to successfully enter the world’s third largest market

We guide you to a deeper understanding of your Japanese customer through a mix including social media listening, interviews and cultural analysis. Learn what kind of customers to target and how to shape your message towards them.

  • Learn about your competitors in the market. And how to discover their latest products / services.
  • How to interview a Japanese consumer. What should you say when asking consumers about your products?
  • The most popular social media networks. And how to use them to test your brand.
  • What to know about Japan in relation to the rest of Asia. How tourism is impacting Japan’s marketing.
  • Why now is the time to enter Japan. And how to make the most of that.

Prepare yourself to enter a market that can be as rewarding as it is different. Download our e-book to find out the steps you can take to get Japan market-ready.

Tokyoesque Market Readiness Framework

Testing your brand in Japan will give you the confidence and local access you need to truly succeed in the world’s third largest market.

Our Market Readiness Framework measures your brand against 4 key methodologies

  • Campaign. Who are your competitors and what are their key messages to consumers?
  • Social Media. What are consumers saying about you and / or your competitors?
  • Interviews What do they actually think about you?
  • Cultural Relevance How does your brand fit into Japan’s cultural landscape?

More insight, better communication.

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What we can offer you

Each of our Market Readiness reports include the following aspects, conducting in-depth testing of your brand in Japan.

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