We analyse consumer / business behaviour, attitudes and needs through a lens of cultural understanding intrinsically tied to how to gain value for both sides.

Market Background
Our deep-dive industry reports inform on market opportunities, competitors and relevant trends, combined with our own recommendations
Immersion & Trend Tours
Demonstrating industry-tailoured highlights – we provide inspiration as well as practical understanding for those seeking to expand
Social Media & Sentiment Analysis
We monitor and analyse audience brand interactions / attitudes in order to identify key trends via tools like Pulsar and Brandwatch
Benchmarking & Qualitative Analysis
Our core skill of designing quant studies from a global perspective allows us to dig deeply for the story the data shows



  • We manage online studies from start to finish.
  • We regularly design quantitative studies and write in-depth analysis for various industries with our most consistent focus on the media industry in Japan, South Korea and China.


    1. Online and offline research in multiple languages
    2. Questionnaire development / translation
    3. Fieldwork
    4. Post-analysis and presentation creation


    A cookware brand with strong brand awareness in Japan looks to Tokyoesque to clarify its advertising strategy in the market.

    The Challenge

    An agency aims to ensure that a French brand’s advertising campaigns are perceived positively in the Japan market. They regularly turn to Tokyoesque to analyse and provide insight into the brand’s proposed TV ads.

    Our Solution

    Society : Tradition remains strongly entrenched in relation to food in Japan. Tokyoesque identified subsets of Japanese society where scenarios such as men in the kitchen and non-Japanese food were a positive addition, enabling Tefal to highlight their innovative and modern offerings
    Language : Certain commonplace terminology in Western households (babysitter, roommate, etc.) can have negative associations if not used carefully
    Foreignness : French foods and Western-style cooking can alienate Japanese viewers if not considered carefully. We demonstrated that striking a balance of exotic / cool whilst being relatable would be key
    Consumer : We always grounded the discussion back down to, How would a Japanese consumer use these products?

    Methodology + Output

    Tokyoesque provided clear-cut recommendations using:

    Hands-on experience: Our bi-lingual, bi-cultural team is well placed to perceive subtle differences in culture from a French to a Japanese perspective.
    Case studies: We demonstrated how similar products (both domestic and international) have been advertised in Japanese media.
    Ad-hoc support: Our team is always available to further provide clarification.