Our team are familiar with Japanese culture and trends. We offer consultancy services that help guide your business towards success in the market.


Customised business tours designed to introduce the latest trends and innovations in your chosen market


Our bilingual team are on hand to provide support in the Japanese language, whether in Japan or Europe.


Itinerary, flight and accommodation management for clients traveling to Japan on business, utilising our extensive network in the region


Tokyoesque provides consultations on Japanese business mergers and acquisitions as well as partnerships


Workshops to ensure businesses are fully able to take advantage of opportunities within the Japanese corporate world, learning business etiquette and norms in the market


ex. consultancy on Japanese business norms

  • We prepared and delivered a presentation to illustrate key differences between business culture in the UK and Japan.
  • This was followed by an interactive Q&A session in which the participants could clarify any of the points made.


A Japanese e-commerce start-up made its first foray into the UK market via Tokyoesque intros, research and support.

The Challenge

Our client, which already services big in-market names like Rakuten, seeks to expand into Europe. Tokyoesque successfully supported their international development efforts and conducted market research on market opportunities for their photo editing service abroad.


Our Solution

Society : Highlighting differences in the e-commerce market in Japan vs. Europe was key to our client understanding the potential for growth in the UK.

Language : By conducting business meetings and negotiations in English, and providing relevant research in Japanese, we were able to act as a bridge for our client in London.

Foreignness : We enabled a full understanding of the differences in business culture, as well as presented data and insight about market cost, pricing and relationships between main actors in the market they would not have had access to without us.

Consumer : E-commerce managers adhere to strict guidelines for their photos and we demonstrated a lucrative gap for an easy-to-use, competitively priced photo editing platform.

Methodology + Output

Our client required 360-degree support within the market leading up to, during and following their business mission, including:

Deep-dive report in Japanese : Market analysis and recommendations regarding strategy to adopt for growth in Europe.
Introductions of sales leads and market experts  : We researched, approached and set meetings with those responsible for photo editing at top companies.
Meeting accompaniment and debriefs : Having our team present at meetings was invaluable, as well as hearing our viewpoints and receiving notes and recommendations going forward with clients