Tokyoesque enables European businesses to enter the Japanese market, and vice versa, through cultural insight, professional introductions and market research. Our aim is to promote mutual understanding between Europe and Japan, while drawing from both regions to learn, inspire, innovate and grow.


Our Strengths

We provide a variety of regular and bespoke professional services, from targeted market research to development and support in international markets, which is based on our strength:

Unique Cultural Expertise Our multicultural team possess an expertise in both European and Japanese cultures / languages and successfully provides truly in-depth insight.
International Access We have a far-reaching network with wide industrial coverage, which we are able to tap into at any time. We've worked all over Europe, in Japan, Canada / USA, Ecuador, and southeast Asia, to name a few.
Speed and flexibility We are able to create a project tailored to your business in terms of goals and budget. On-site strategic guidance is also available.



Director Natalie Meyer launched Tokyoesque as a way to enable non-Japanese companies to successfully connect with and understand consumers and businesses in Japan, and vice versa. She now works on projects throughout Asia and Europe and has a background working in Tokyo and studying at Waseda University. Originally coming from Silicon Valley, and having obtained her MSc in Global Media & Communications at The London School of Economics, she additionally heads up the UK arm of software development company ioet LTD.